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Foundry Casting

Ravi Auto SKP has a large foundry setup with a production capacity of 20000 M Ton/Year. The product range is 250 gms to 125 kg. we are committed to produce quality which is recognized by our ISO certification. For customer ease we provide one-window solution from design to finish product. Our foundry equipped with an exclusive sand processing unit, core shooters and shot blasting facilities. For getting perfection and strength, we cast SG, Grey and Steel with chemically bounded sand. To keep the required temperature, we use infrared thermometer.

Molding Machines: We have 6 multi-capacity molding machines.
Mold Boxes: For smooth running of daily productions we have over 1000 mold boxes.
Induction Furnaces: We have 2 induction furnaces with a capacity/heat is 350 Kg & 750 Kg.
Cold Blast Cupola Furnaces: We have 2 cupola furnaces with the melting capacity of 2000 Kg/H & 3000 Kg/H.
Gas Fired Ladle Heater: To maintain required temperature, we always use pre-heated ladle.
Sand Preparation Plant: It’s a core requirement of a foundry. We have complete sand preparation unit equipped with Magnet Separator, Mixer, Hooper, Cooler, Molasses Tanks, Conveyors, Fettling, Riser Cutter and grindings etc.
Shell Core Unit: For making of precise casting parts we use shell cores.
Surface Treatments: As customer or part requires we do surface treatment like; shot pitting, stress releasing, heat treatments, chemical treatments etc.

High Pressure Die Casting

The HPDC technology coming fast in our daily commodities and specially in automotive components, being a lighter in weight and good in strength it gives excellent economy. Ravi SKP realize the need of HPDC and take start in 2014 with the installation of YIZUMI 650 HPDC (cold chamber) with 760×760 MM platen size machine for aluminum alloy castings, with one machine our production capacity is 500 M Ton/year. The machine is capable to produce up to 2 Kg castings in each shot.


Ravi Autos SKP forging facility consist of fully automated press lines, All lines are flexible, allows to meet clients demands and optimize production which also allows to meet the growing demand of the industry.

Forging Lines:

  • 1500 Ton (Massey) Press 
    Heating Capacity: 400KW Induction Heater supporting blank diameter (60-110mm)
  • 800 Ton (Massey) Press
    Heating Capacity: 250KW Induction Heater supporting blank diameter (40-50mm)
  • 600 Ton (Massey) Press
    350mm Diameter Ring Rolling Machine
  • Cross Wedge Rolling Machine 
    1500 Ton Hydraulic Press Machine

Process Capabilities:

  • Open Die Forging
  • Close Die Forging
  • Impression Die Forging
  • Press Forging
  • Rolled Ring Forging
  • Cross wedge rolling Forging

High Precision Machining

We tailor customized machining operations for our customers, so we called machining is an “art” rather science & technology. Our business requirements are volatile most of customers don’t have the ability to explain their needs accurately. To be successful, we need to align our business to these realities and strive to provide our customers with perfect parts, on time, every time based on a repeatable, scalable and cost-effective manufacturing system. From equipment to tool management, fixtures and programming, we immediately start working to shorten the development time and complete the project on time. To cater high volume products, we develop state of art production lines. Our machining fleet includes; CNC & SPM machining centers have multi-axis operation facilities, Gear Hobbers, Shavers, Shapers, Boring’s, Honing’s, Grinding’s, Drilling’s etc.

Plastic Injection Molding
(IML Technology)

Ravi Autos SKP diversify and start plastic facility in 2017 with the motto of “turnkey solution under the one roof” we believe in challenge, communication and creation. IML is the newest technology in Pakistan and we adopt this from our start. We are producing different size buckets have been combined with IML robots, which inserts 360° labels on the injection side. We have auto material loader for each machine. The longest cycle time is 46 seconds including IML for the large size bucket of 800 gms weight. The entire project is setting up complete production on turnkey bases. We successfully met all the client’s requirements because of complete system and expertise are available. The machine capacities are; 260, 320, 400 & 800 Ton.

Development & Support

The Development & Support Department is a crucial element in the growth of the Group. Each and every one of our specialized divisions is capable of designing and developing new components. And when everything goes in accordance with plan, evolution takes a step forward towards brand new concepts in imaginative manufacturing. Enlightenment in all areas is built on innovation and continual improvement. As a result, Ravi Autos SKP remains on the cutting edge of the mechanical forms which are likely to appear in the future.
The specialized Development & Support cell works independently, supporting each of the divisions within the group. A skilled team of experienced engineers and competent workers supports the manufacturing processes. These comprise the development of components, dies, moulds, gauges, jigs and fixtures, The process even goes to the extent that special requirements such as testing machines which are necessary as per the demands of the drawings and clientele take place at Ravi Autos.

Process flow;

♦ 2D Drawing  ♦ 3D Model, Machining process  ♦ Fittings  ♦ (OTS) off Tool Sample  ♦ Die Design/Fixture Design (CAD)

Pattern Jigs/Fix:
♦ Develop 2D/3D concept of checking Fixture  ♦ Manufacturing Fixture


Being automotive OEM supplier for high precise components and to achieve PPM level (defected parts per million). Ravi SKP has developed “Built in Quality” system that integrates quality control at each step/operation of production. trainings to optimize the technologies and deliver ultimate value to the customers through quality, speed, and cost effective. it increases efficiency and control NG operations. Our talented engineers and workers has undergone vigorous.

Quality Policy:
We Ravi SKP is committed to provide best quality products to the customers. We believe in customers satisfaction with regards to product quality, on time supplies and best of services.
For ourselves; to maintain consistent quality, we adopted BIQ “built in quality” in all our operations. We believe in review and continuously improve our system, operations and products. That’s the key of our success.